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Francelle Huffman

"Welcome. I have quite an interesting artistic past! It has taken me down some wonderful paths with some very nice people, and given me an opportunity to learn, as well as have fun.

In 1977, I had a radical mastectomy, my daughter broke her neck in a motorcycle accident, and I was going through a bitter divorce. These events became a blessing in the years to come as I had to sell my house and raise my 3 children on my own, AND find a job. I began to do commissioned cartoons for the local paper, went to work for a sign painter, did several murals around town, and eventually opened up a sign shop in the garage of the smaller house I bought on a very busy street. My children helped me through these rough times, and now my son and one of my daughters have their own sign and faux painting businesses today, many years later! Such a blessing! The little girl that broke her neck is now an executive in adp in Seattle, and is in a completely different type work, doing very well. I am now retired, and very busy with my miniature pup sculptures and painting commissions.

One word of advice from all of this is -- whenever you go through tragedy or bad times, know that there is a good outcome waiting to happen, and let that thought pull you through. Smile, and do your best at all times! God Bless you!" -- Francelle


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Visit Francelle's Booth in the Biz Galleries at: 715 8th Street, Downtown Baldwin City, Kansas

Phone: 1-816-263-1326 E-Mail:

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