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Jewelry Repair

Most Common Repair Services

Ring Sizing -

10K, 14K, 18K, yellow or white gold, platinum

Rings made from karat gold jewelry can be cut on the back, adding more gold to make them larger. Small amounts can be removed to make the ring smaller. Pricing depends on the labor and amount of gold needed to do the job and refinish the ring to a 'like new' condition. Solid bands that do not have seams can be heated and stretched to some degree. These will need to be inspected by the jeweler to see if it is possible on any given ring.

Some mountings with gemstones will not bend without either retightening the stones or removing and resetting them. At the time you leave the ring with us, we can help you decide whether to resize it for a different finger or purchase the same ring that was made in that size.

Welding Together
Wedding Sets -

When a wedding set is purchased as two rings you can have them welded together to keep them from rubbing together and wearing them thin. It can keep them from turning and sometimes look as though they are one ring. Traditionally, this is done after the couple has performed their wedding, however it is sometimes better to do this three weeks ahead to avoid the rush and hassle of doing it later.

Replacing the
back shank of a ring -

Rings that are worn thin and continue to break on the back cannot be thickened. The proper procedure is to cut the old shank out and weld in a new one that is thicker. Pricing depends on the thickness and amount needed to make the ring look new again.

Gold Chain Repair -

Most karat gold chains can be repaired. Individual links can be oldered back with the same white or yellow gold solder. Depeding on the chain, gold can be added, and they can be polished to blend the links back into the chain. Some chains with hollow links are more difficult to repair but can also be welded. Any hollow-link chain is not recommended to hang anything on. It will sause too much pressure and like any hollow metal tube, it can easily bend and break.

Sterling Silver
Chain Repair -

As long as the links are solid and the rest of the chain is in good shape, we can repair damaged links and chains. You may concider the actual replacement cost of the chain against the cost of repairing it.

Clasp Replacement -

Sometimes the clasp will break. These are available in solid karat gold, yellow gold filled and sterling silver. Check in-store for all the many varieties of clasps we can put on your chains.

Retipping Diamonds -

When wearing a ring day in and day out, the prongs that hold the diamonds in get worn thin. On genuine diamond rings in 10K, 14K and 18K gold you can add gold on the prongs to extend the life of the ring. In some cases the head will need to be replaced. That is the miracle of karat gold jewely. Repairs can usually be done to prevent loosing the diamonds. Colored stone prongs can be repaired and the stones reset. Our jeweler will look at these special circumstances and give estimates on pricing.

Replacement -


If the mounting is not properly maintained, the prongs can break off and the stone is lost. We can match a new one to the design and rebuild the prongs to make the ring look and wear like new again.

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